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Re: how to create a single rule to build a directory as necessary

From: Sam Steingold
Subject: Re: how to create a single rule to build a directory as necessary
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 16:15:49 -0400
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Paul Smith wrote:
On Tue, 2009-09-22 at 11:11 -0700, Philip Guenther wrote:
which by the way, is not well-formed; it should be:

       mkdir -p $@ && cd $@ && $(MAKE)
I am afraid I cannot use the "gnuisms" (as they were called by a
NetBSD user
who was bitten by these variables when I used them)
Whoever told you that is sadly mistaken.  The '@' and 'MAKE' variables
are both specified by the POSIX/SUS standard for make and were present
in 4.2 BSD!  It's handy to keep around a link to the standards
specification for quoting at people that are, uh, confused about
history and requirements.  Here's the link for 'make' from the Single
UNIX Standard, Issue 6.

The NetBSD user is definitely incorrect in calling these "GNUisms"; they
are part of the POSIX spec as you point out.

However, it is true that using $@ in they way I suggested is not 100%

In one of those bizarre brain-lapses that make you go "huh?", original
versions of make only defined automatic variables like $@ for implicit
(suffix) rules.  They were not defined for explicit rules.  Some
instances of make still do not support them in explicit rules, so
maximally portable makefiles can only use $@ in suffix rules.

this is precisely what the NetBSD user said.
sorry about the confusion.

actually, POSIX requires that $@ is defined for _all_ rules.
however, "The meaning of the $< macro shall be otherwise unspecified" - for non-inference rules, that is...

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