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From: MENETRIER, Jerome
Subject: VPATH
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 15:33:13 +0200


I try to write un makefile with different possible paths to find source file.

I use for this VPATH to precise where file can be find.
But my problème is to exclude current directory.

If source file is in current directory, the vpath is not used and ./file.c is 
taken instead of src/file.c for example.

How can I exclude current directory without precise all the possible 
directories in directive ?
I don't want to do something like
        %.o : src/%.c
                cc -c $(CFLAGS) $^ -o $@ 
        %.o : src_c/%.c
                cc -c $(CFLAGS) $^ -o $@ 
        %.o : src_cpp/%.c      
                cc -c $(CFLAGS) $^ -o $@ 
# I like only the first match even if %.c found in multiple directories


        VPATH = src:src_c:src_cpp:src_tools  # but NOT in "."
        %.o : %.c

Does gnu make allow this ?
Can I use a "exclude vpath" ?

Thank you for you help

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