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Re: Matching subdirectories in patterns?

From: CHEN Cheng
Subject: Re: Matching subdirectories in patterns?
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 09:25:53 +0800
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On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 11:44:49AM -0500, Roy Stogner wrote:
> I'm writing a Makefile for use in building LaTeX documents generated
> by other users.  For use with pdflatex, some format conversion of
> figures is necessary.  Because the Makefile is intended for reuse in
> many different projects, figure names are not known in advance for
> generating target names.
> Creating targets which turn a flat directory "rawfigs/" full of source
> figures into a directory "figs/" full of converted results isn't too
> complicated.  The solution I'm using (or rather, the hack I'm using,
> since I don't care that it will break for filenames containing
> spaces):
> vectorsources := $(shell find rawfigs/ ../common/rawfigs/ -name '*.dia' -o 
> -name '*.eps' -o -name '*.ps' -o -name '*.pdf')
> vectorfigs := $(shell echo ' ' $(vectorsources) ' ' | sed -e 's> 
> \(../common/\)*raw> >g' -e 's/\.[^. ]* /.pdf /g')
> This generates a list vectorfigs which, for each source image, creates
> a target pdf image with the same filename in a different directory.  A
> set of pattern rules then tells make how to build those targets, e.g.:
> figs/%.pdf: rawfigs/%.eps
>         mkdir -p $(dir $@)
>         epstopdf $? -o=$@
> However, this doesn't work when rawfigs/ isn't a flat directory.  If a
> user has rawfigs/subdir1/fig.eps, the target figs/subdir1/fig.pdf is
> correctly added to the vectorfigs list, but when asked to generate it,
> make dies with a "no rule to make target" error.  It appears that the
> pattern character % doesn't match the directory separator character /
> in a target.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?  Is there a way to create a pattern
> rule (or a patterned vpath directive, perhaps) where the pattern
> matches subdirectories?

IIUC, a generic pattern rule may help:

all : vpath/subdir/test.o

%.o : %.c
  mkdir -p $(dir $(subst vpath,,$@))
  gcc -c -o $(subst vpath,,$@) $<


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