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Re: how to allow multiple empty commands?

From: Eric Melski
Subject: Re: how to allow multiple empty commands?
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 17:47:11 -0800
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Mark Galeck (CW) wrote:

So I thought, the best way to tell make, to not look for implicit
rules for header files, is to have lines like


in all my automatically generated dependency makefiles.  The problem
is, thousands of those makefiles are always included, and they have
all those duplicate lines, each header file, is present in many of

...  But I can't due to
make complaining.  Well I can, it's just that I have to dump the
warnings into a devnull. Somehow this doesn't seem right :)

Rather than emitting simply:


Why not emit something like this:

        ifndef _foobar_rule

This way you get only one definition of the rule, the first time it is encountered. Of course this will add an extra variable to your variable table, one per header file, which may or may not be a problem itself.


Eric Melski
Electric Cloud, Inc.

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