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Re: does make behave serially when serially invoked

From: Todd Showalter
Subject: Re: does make behave serially when serially invoked
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 20:23:24 -0500

On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 7:54 PM, Mark Galeck (CW) <address@hidden> wrote:

> Yes it was understood, that I wasn't doing anything this terminally stupid :) 
>  Yes I clean first, then make, then I sometimes see a few filenames missing.  
>  The reason why I know the files are in fact there, is because if I only do 
> the "missing" file
>>make foobar.o
> rather than
>>make all
> then foobar.c does get listed in srcs.

    Something else is going on, then.  Appending to the file should
mean that everything that gets appended will be preserved; it may be
scmabrled. but it should all be there, even if the writes came from
different concurrent processes.

    I'd suggest:

make -d | grep older

    And see if the files missing from the list match the files that
show up in the grep.


 Todd Showalter, President,
 Electron Jump Games, Inc.

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