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call for each target within multiple targets in single rule

From: Utku Ozcan
Subject: call for each target within multiple targets in single rule
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2010 00:48:41 +0200

I have a list, which stores modified name of the variables. Each
variable holds a list of filenames.
I want to store each of these variables to its own separate file,
using "one rule-multiple target" method.

List of variable names, together with the variables come from a file
"". This file includes following:

# variable 1
name1_lib_FILE_LIST :=
name1_lib_FILE_LIST += name1_lib_file1.txt
name1_lib_FILE_LIST += name1_lib_file2.txt

# variable 2
name2_lib_FILE_LIST :=
name2_lib_FILE_LIST += name2_lib_file1.txt
name2_lib_FILE_LIST += name2_lib_file2.txt

# list of variables but their names are modified
LIB_LIST :=  \
  name1_lib \
  name2_lib \

Now I tried following in Makefile:

write_to_file=$(strip $(shell printf "\# %s\\n" ${1} >> $2)$(foreach
w,$($1),$(shell echo $(w) >> $2 )))
files_list_list := $(addsuffix _FILE_LIST,${LIB_LIST})

<tab>$(call write_to_file,LIB_LIST, $@)

In the rule above, each of the multiple target set cannot call
function "write_to_file" with its own dedicated name, ie

name1_lib must call $(call write_to_file,name1_lib_LIB_LIST, $@)
name2_lib must call $(call write_to_file,name2_lib_LIB_LIST, $@)

I get only the list LIB_LIST in each file. Each target is generated
correctly but content is thus wrong. Each file does not include the
corresponding variable.

1. Does it make sense to use multiple targets? ( )
2. Where is my mistake?


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