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Re: Rules with multiple outputs

From: Lane Schwartz
Subject: Re: Rules with multiple outputs
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 09:19:20 -0500

On 14 Apr 2010, at 7:39 AM, Paul Smith wrote:

> On Mon, 2010-04-12 at 14:34 -0500, Lane Schwartz wrote:
>> This works, but feels deeply hackish. Looking through the email
>> archives, it looks like this is a fairly common problem. I would be
>> very interested in adding a feature to allow multiple targets to
>> explicitly be associated as outputs of a single command. What is the
>> best process for requesting such a feature, or for submitting a patch
>> to that effect?
> Hi Lane.  In order to submit new code to GNU make, this is the process:
>     1. You must assign copyright of your changes over to the FSF.  If
>        you are employed then typically you'll need to get paperwork
>        signed by your employer as well because they usually have rights
>        to whatever you've created.  I can help you with this.  This can
>        proceed in the background as it usually takes a few weeks or so.
>     2. You should discuss the solution you envision, especially since
>        it's user-visible, on the mailing list.  Note there have been
>        suggestions for syntax, etc. for this feature both on this list
>        and on make-alpha, and in fact I believe someone was already
>        working on it a number of years ago, but I'm not sure to what
>        end.  I can point you to some threads in the archives or you can
>        search for them.


Thank you very much for the reply. That's exactly what I was looking for.

If you happen to know where to find the previous discussions with regard to 
this idea, especially previously proposed syntax, that would be great. If not, 
I can take a look through the archives. 

I'm not familiar with make-alpha. What is that?


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