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Paul's VPATH example

From: Payal
Subject: Paul's VPATH example
Date: Sun, 9 May 2010 02:04:36 -0700
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Hi all,
I was reading Paul Smith and
decided to test it with my simple example. I have 2 dirs - obj/ and src/
and pwd is src/
I don't understand why *my* step 3 is inconsistent with Paul's essay.
I started with clean slate.

$ cat Makefile1 
VPATH = ../obj
fashion : fashion.c ready.o trendy.o
        gcc $^ -o ../obj/$@
../obj/ready.o : ready.c
        gcc -c $^ -o $@
        @echo hi
../obj/trendy.o : trendy.c
        gcc -c $^ -o $@
$ make -f Makefile1 
gcc -c ready.c -o ../obj/ready.o
gcc -c trendy.c -o ../obj/trendy.o
gcc fashion.c ../obj/ready.o ../obj/trendy.o -o ../obj/fashion

Why are my rules used instead of explict rules for creation of ready.o
and trendy.o?
Thanks a lot in advance.

With warm regards,

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