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Re: How to debug during make?

From: robert song
Subject: Re: How to debug during make?
Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 13:19:19 +0900

> to Make, the line numbers for shell commands are not necessarily intuitive:
> foo:
>     @command; \
>        othercommand; \
>        yetAnotherCommand
> that script is ONE line long.
> The BASH shell hash a variable called $LINENO (i _think_ that's the name)
> which gives the current script line number, but it won't help you in this
> case (it will always say Line 1). In fact, in Makefiles it would always
> report line #1, e.g.:
> foo:
>     command 1
>     command 2
>     command 3
> those are 3 different commands, each starting on line 1 of their embedded
> script.

thank you very much, stephen.

hmm, the line number is not so useful.

Best Regards,

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