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Best practice for parallelism with multiple targets

From: Adam Kellas
Subject: Best practice for parallelism with multiple targets
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2010 12:01:56 -0400

I have a tool which generates Makefiles in GNU make syntax. In the case where a recipe produces multiple ("sibling") targets, the first, naive iteration of the tool simply stacked them up like

target1 target2 target3 ... : prereq1 prereq2 ...

Of course this breaks parallel builds due to a well-known, well-documented quirk of make semantics. So in the second go-round I've modified it to instead generate

target1: prereq1 prereq2 ...

target2 target3 ... : target1

This works better with -j but has run into some other problems which are limitations of our tool, not make, so I won't waste time detailing them. Bottom line, what's the recommended way to write Makefiles so as to enable parallel builds? Is there anything better than the above?


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