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Re: whitespace

From: ali hagigat
Subject: Re: whitespace
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2010 17:01:21 +0330

Hello all,
Thank you for the reply. YES, I did tried the command by bourne shell(/bin/sh).
The result is the same. spaces are replaced with only one space. My
problem was the documentation:

5.1.1 Splitting Recipe Lines
 Whitespace is never added to the recipe.
"Whitespace is never added"... What does it mean?
Does it mean make will not add extra white spaces?

from    Kristof Provost
Have you tried running 'echo rrrr\
         ssss' on the command line, outside of make?


from    Sam Ravnborg
Did you actually try the same in the shell you are using?
The chapter you refer to says:
"Both the backslash and the newline characters are preserved and
passed to the shell. How the backslash-newline is interpreted depends
on your shell."

Please somehow convice me (us) that you actually tried to figuer this
out yourself before you requested help.

[I on purpose have not addressed your question - you have enough info
to deduce this yourself].

5.1.1 Splitting Recipe Lines
 Whitespace is never added to the recipe.

       @echo rrrr\

The result:
rrrr sssss
In the third line several spaces added but only one space was printed.
Does make remove all spaces before giving the recipe to the shell? Why
there is still one space left?

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