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Can make search Makefile in VPATH

From: pacia pacia
Subject: Can make search Makefile in VPATH
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2010 16:41:46 +0800

hi, friends,

Suppose VPATH=$DIR1:$DIR2:$DIR3, we know that make will search source
files in $DIR2 and DIR3 if they are
not in $DIR1. My question is if make can treat Makefile in the same
way? i.e., if Makefile is not in $DIR1, will
make search $DIR2 and $DIR3 for Makefile?

I had a simple test, it looks like make does not support this. I know
that nmake of bell-labs(not nmake of Microsoft)
supports it. This feature is really useful, I'm a beginner of make so
I'd like to confirm.


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