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Re: hidden dependencies

From: Krzysztof Cieniuch
Subject: Re: hidden dependencies
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 18:00:37 +0000
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Philip Guenther wrote:
On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 5:26 AM, Warlich, Christof
<address@hidden> wrote:
I'm very interested in this subject.  In my project we have generated
code for rpc interfaces and corba plus there is perl tool that generates
some xml files.
Same with me, lots of generated (include) files, so gcc -MD can't track
the dependencies until the files are generted.

What I did on a previous project that faced this was create an
order-only dependency from each file that 'could' #include a generated
.h file to that generated file.  That guarantees the files are created
soon enough without requiring that everything be recompiled if a
generated header file is updated.

Philip Guenther

Help-make mailing list
I was thinking about doing this but didn't liked side effect that sources would be generated always even
if one rebuilds some completely unrelated module.

Note that there are corner cases (I admit very unlikely to happen) that you may endup with broken incremental build.
Let say that I modify idl file that would result with changes in object sizes and at the same time I modify some client code and add include for that generated header file. Now I run parallel build if dependency is missing it may happen that my client code will be compiled with older version of generated header file. Note that previous build didn't generated that dependency since a that point client code didn't yet depend on that header. The same issue would be if you're adding new code that includes generated headers.

So it is important to have correct dependency information before running build kinda chicken and egg problem.

Agree that order only dependency would solve at least any issues with clean builds.


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