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Re: hidden dependencies

From: Björn Michaelsen
Subject: Re: hidden dependencies
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 19:18:46 +0100

Hi all,

Am Wed, 19 Jan 2011 14:26:02 +0100
schrieb "Warlich, Christof" <address@hidden>:

> > If you are using recursive make then the answer is no it is not
> > possible even on "make level"
> > google for document "Recursive Make Considered Harmful" your
> > parallel builds will randomly fail
> > and the risk of failing will increase as you increase number of
> > jobs.
> I read this document quite a while ago, so fortunately, this is not
> an issue. Instead, I'm _including_ sub-makefiles in a recursive way,
> so make has only one common database. 
> > I'm very interested in this subject.  In my project we have
> > generated code for rpc interfaces and corba plus there is perl tool
> > that generates some xml files.
> Same with me, lots of generated (include) files, so gcc -MD can't
> track the dependencies until the files are generted.
> Anyhow, it seems very promising to look into Dave's audited objects
> work.

maybe you might want to have a look at the new build system for You should find this talk interesting:

Unfortunately, the video of the talk seems to be offline by now. You
might want to take a look at the source to get an idea:

However, is a huge project and many things in there
should be an overkill for most projects (like building on a plethora of
platforms, multiple layers of directories with different rpaths,
precompiled headers, multiple source repositories and modules,
homegrown localization), but there are valuable solutions in there for
dependency generation.

see also:

Best Regards,


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