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Re: Library linking

From: Brendan Heading
Subject: Re: Library linking
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2011 09:21:08 +0100

> Oh I beg your pardon, I was not aware of this feature.  In that case, I am 
> not qualified to answer your question.

That's OK.

I get the impression I'll have to have a look at the source to see
what it is doing here, but it sounds a bit like Make expands the
library to its full name but does not add the new name to the list of
prerequisites - which is a bit odd.

It's also a little odd that -l<name> is expanded and then the expanded
version is passed to the command line. That seems to assume that GCC
is in use; other compilers might need the -l parameter (or a different
parameter altogether).

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