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complex Makefile for a bootstrapped self-hosting translator [GCC MELT] ?

From: Basile Starynkevitch
Subject: complex Makefile for a bootstrapped self-hosting translator [GCC MELT] ?
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 16:35:17 +0100
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Hello All,

(First post to this list)

I am working on the MELT branch of GCC.

MELT is a high-level domain specific language to extend GCC.
See for more, in particular the DSL2011 paper there.

MELT is also a GCC [meta-] plugin.

The code from the MELT plugin is extracted from the GCC MELT branch.

(So the code is GPLv3 and copyrighted by the FSF and its repository is the
same as for GCC)

MELT is a bootstrapped self-hosting language.

I have big trouble with my make rules (for GNU make)

I detailed my issues in the below Stack Overflow question

(Sorry I won't explain the issue here, I took almost a day to write the
questions; if you want to help me please take a couple of minutes to read the 
question on stackoverflow, there are links to code, papers, etc...)

I need hints of how to debug parallel make, and how to improve multi-stage

I am still struggling with them. So I still need a lot of time to run a uselss 
make (just after a finished make command, the next make takes  several minutes)

email: basile<at>starynkevitch<dot>net mobile: +33 6 8501 2359
8, rue de la Faiencerie, 92340 Bourg La Reine, France
*** opinions {are only mines, sont seulement les miennes} ***

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