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Problem in the manual (was: Re: )

From: Paul Smith
Subject: Problem in the manual (was: Re: )
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 08:27:53 -0500

On Tue, 2012-01-10 at 07:32 +0000, BONNEFOY Sebastien wrote:
> Hi,

Hi; please don't forget a subject in your email.  Messages to the
mailing lists are moderated (unless you subscribe) and it's much simpler
for me to see/approve messages that have subjects.  Thanks!

> In the ยง8.8 of the gnu make manual, the exemple set an = at the end of
> the define statment :
>     define PROGRAM_template =
>       $(1): $$($(1)_OBJS) $$($(1)_LIBS:%=-l%)
>       ALL_OBJS   += $$($(1)_OBJS)
>      endef
> Impossible to make it work this way, I had to remove the =. It takes
> me the whole day to understand why my code didn't work...
> Is this a mistake in the manual or did I misunderstood something
> essential?

The latter.

The online manual is describing the very latest version of GNU make,
which is version 3.82.

Your version of GNU make is obviously older than that, which is why some
features described in the manual will not work there (BTW, you didn't
mention which version you have; this information is always important
when asking questions).

You should be reading the manual that came with your version of GNU make
rather than the online manual, or else just be aware that there may be
features described in the online manual that your older version doesn't
support (or else switch to using the newest version).


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