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RE: Win10/GNUmake4.1: paths in .INCLUDE_DIRS not searched

From: Jannick
Subject: RE: Win10/GNUmake4.1: paths in .INCLUDE_DIRS not searched
Date: Sat, 7 May 2016 02:29:05 +0200

Hi Eli,


Many thanks for the quick reply!


I had a look around in the code and the default include paths are set in
read.c ( Given
that I am working on a Windows machine, only the current directory ('.')
comes through as default include directory in the standard Make version.
Here some options I can see right now:


*       Invoking Make like 'Make -IC:/path/to/make/lib' (as already

*       Compile an additional hard coded path (like 'C:/path/to/make/lib')
into Make (running build_w32.bat with some tweaks to use mingw32-gcc instead
of gcc) with


-DINCLUDEDIR="\".\",\" C:/path/to/makelib\""


*       Calling targets like '$(MAKE) -IC:/path/to/make/lib mytarget' within
the makefile which includes IncludeMe.make (in C:/path/to/make/lib) by using
'-include IncludeMe.make' (where the leading '-' makes Make ignore the
include error in the first run at least).


To me the second option appears the most elegant one, but still has the
disadvantage of a hard-coded path. Would it be possible that the default
include path is (1) an environment or (2) a Make variable? If you want me to
file a feature request somewhere, could you please pass on where to do that?


Many thanks again,


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