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Re: Using named variables in canned recipes

From: LeJacq, Jean Pierre
Subject: Re: Using named variables in canned recipes
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2017 11:02:22 -0400
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Tony Theodore wrote:

> Looking at an example of a canned recipe in:
>     define PROGRAM_template =
>      $(1): $$($(1)_OBJS) $$($(1)_LIBS:%=-l%)
>      ALL_OBJS   += $$($(1)_OBJS)
>     endef
>     $(foreach prog,$(PROGRAMS),$(eval $(call PROGRAM_template,$(prog))))
> It seems the variable `prog` is in scope from the calling loop and
> can be referenced in the template:
>     define PROGRAM_template =
>      $(prog): $$($(prog)_OBJS) $$($(prog)_LIBS:%=-l%)
>      ALL_OBJS   += $$($(prog)_OBJS)
>     endef
> I was wondering if this is defined behaviour and can be relied upon
> to work in future versions of make?

This is similar to a following bug:

Can you see what the flavor reports?


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