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make behavior WRT background processes

From: Mervyn Keene
Subject: make behavior WRT background processes
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2018 08:36:13 -0800

I'm looking for insight in the area of how make handles background
processes started from recipes.
​Let me
​ with​
 real-word scenario: we have a Linux makefile which is large, complex and
proprietary but in the end all it does is compile a bunch of objects and
link them together. After
 final binary is linked there are quite a few post-actions performed on it
involving objdump, objcopy, and other ELF-wrangling tools. Because there
are so many of these post-tasks I've wrapped them up in a Python script. So
the basic workflow
​, from make's POV,​
looks like:

​- ​
compile many objects
​- ​
link them together
​ into blah.exe​

​- ​
run a python script
​ which operates on blah.exe​

One of the sub-tasks invoked from the Python script is (a)
 slow and (b)
 important (it's a disassembly which is occasionally useful in debugging
but is never used within the build per se). I'd like to add a "fast build"
mode in which the disassembly is spun off in the background, the build
returns without waiting for it, and
​that file
 later (or not
​, if it fails​
). Of course there would be a production mode
​which builds it
 synchronously too.

I've implemented this but make
​still ​
appears to wait for the background process anyway. In other words
​the disassembler
 definitely goes into the background, subsequent tasks run, everything
​is finished
 then make waits for the background process
​ so all the benefit is lost​
. I've put together a simple test case
​(below) ​
but the problem isn't reproduced
​ ​
by it
​ and w
ithout being able to reproduce I'm a little stuck. AFAICT
test case faithfully reproduces the situation from a process POV but it
behaves "correctly"
​ by not waiting:

% cat Makefile
.PHONY: all
all: fast1 slow1 fast2
@echo "MAKE DONE"

@echo "Done with $@"

@sleep 1
@echo "Done with $@"

python -c "import os; os.system('(sleep 5; echo PYTHON JOB DONE) &')"
@echo "Done with $@"

% make -j
python -c "import os; os.system('(sleep 5; echo PYTHON JOB DONE) &')"
Done with fast1
Done with slow1
Done with fast2

[time passes ...]


Note that make says "MAKE DONE"
​and exits back to the shell,
5 seconds later
​ arrives​
. This is exactly
​the behavior
 desired but in the real makefile the "PYTHON JOB DONE" shows up before
​ meaning that make has waited for it.
Does anyone have a
​how this could happen

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