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Re: GNU Make 4.2 Query

From: nikhil jain
Subject: Re: GNU Make 4.2 Query
Date: Fri, 31 May 2019 22:59:36 +0530

OK, Thanks for your valuable suggestion.
Also, will you consider remote-stub.c or you have left it alone for the
users to make their own implementation for remotely executing a rule ?

There can be multiple implementation like rsh, ssh, tcp/ip for remotely
executing a job. Which one do you prefer ? I had done all 3 of them with
fantastic results.
The time taken is faster when I spread the rules on multiple machines in
the cloud rather executing on the same machine.

In this, I do not care about -j option as I have kept 'make' open to
execute as many rules as it can (a little bit tweak in job.c and
job_slots_used, job_slots).

Anyways, Thanks for your response. I will find a way to use -n (which is
also not as per the expectation as it would run some rules but still....)

If you feel to implement my feature in near or later future, just let me
know. I will be glad.

Thanks you so much.

On Fri, May 31, 2019 at 10:45 PM Paul Smith <address@hidden> wrote:

> I'm adding back the mailing list.  Please always keep it on the CC list
> at least (or just reply to the list directly: I am subscribed).
> On Fri, 2019-05-31 at 21:16 +0530, nikhil jain wrote:
> > Yes sure. Thanks for your response.
> >
> > I see there is an option of make -n which lists the rules to build.
> > As you were telling, It will need a huge change in the GMAKE code. I
> > was actually surprised that there is no way to know how many rules
> > are left. I was trying to build a server which would let the user
> > know about the % of their job completion. I feel this is the basic
> > feature from the end user point of view. I have actually implemented
> > remote-stub.c which comes as a stub in the MAKE code. If there is a
> > way to find how many rules are left, that would be really great.
> > Cannot we have a single command which just runs -n first and then
> > starts building ? It can save the total number of rules in a global
> > variable which I can access from remote_setup() which is called just
> > once before the make starts to execute job remotely.
> I'm not interested in implementing this but if someone else wanted to
> (along with appropriate copyright assignment, regression tests, etc.)
> and the implementation was reasonable, I'd consider it.
> Otherwise, it will have to be done through some external scripting and
> the results provided to make by, for example, setting a variable on the
> command line:
>   make NUMRECIPES=$(make -n |
> You can query this variable in your code.  Writing
> probably has to rely on a knowledge of the recipes being run, if you
> want to count the number of targets being built.
> Note that make -n might sometimes actually run some rules: it will run
> any rule which is marked as a recursive make.  It will also run any
> rules needed to update included makefiles.  So, that has to be taken
> into consideration.

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