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Lint for Makefiles

From: Christian Hujer
Subject: Lint for Makefiles
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2021 13:25:30 +0530

Hello everyone.

I was looking for a Lint-like tool for Makefiles.
The ones I could find either seemed abandoned (like mint) or had a
broken build (checkmake) and other fundamental flaws (not operating on
included Makefiles).
I hope to get some responses on this list here for more tools that
people have created.
Because I couldn't find one that works for me, I created one.

The first two checks implemented are, which isn't much but at least a start:
• Report direct usage of `rm` (should use `$(RM)` instead). ⇐ This one
was the reason for writing this tool, a dev had used rm instead of
$(RM) in clean, causing it to fail on consecutive runs.
• Report direct usage of `make` (should use `$(MAKE)` instead).
Find the tool here:
It is helping us already in projects, and I hope it will also help others.

Best regards,
Christian Hujer

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