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RE: Doxygen-style documentation for Makefiles

From: Cook, Malcolm
Subject: RE: Doxygen-style documentation for Makefiles
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2021 17:21:01 +0000

Hi Christian,

>Hello everyone,
>I have, already years ago, created a doxygen-style documentation tool
>for Makefiles.

I love the idea, and have done something similar...

>It allows documenting variables and targets using ## (double-hash) comments.

I found it advisable to require an additional character (!) after the 
double-hash to signify beginning of help text block, thus avoiding turning 
stray comments of included libraries into help.

Does it support target specific variables?

>These comments can then be accessed by running the tool, preferably
>via a command like make help.
>I hope this tool is useful for others, and I'm posting it here so that
>if people are searching this mailing list for such a tool, they may
>have a chance to find it.
>Find the tool here:

Neat trick that it can self-install, however, won’t it install in `pwd` after 
any possible directory change wrought by  -C?

I may switch to your lib.



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