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[Help-mcron] How to use with-mail-out in mcron guile file?

From: guix
Subject: [Help-mcron] How to use with-mail-out in mcron guile file?
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2016 09:11:47 +0100


I have asked Mathieu, but it is better to ask on the mailing

I would like to use the with-mail-out with mcron.

> (with-mail-out (job "something" "do") address@hidden)

The info file for mcron says:

3.1.2 Sending output as e-mail
configuration files.  The command (with-mail-out action .  user) can be
used to direct output from the action (which may be a procedure, list,
or string) into an e-mail to the user.

I would need real world example, as I have just replaced
local user's mcron, it works well. Only that I need emails

Jean Louis

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