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Internet Update!

From: Info Enterprises
Subject: Internet Update!
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 20:26:23 -0500

Haven’t got the time to surf but you want to locate the best of the net.

At E.I.E., we have developed a bi-monthly e-bulletin that will save you
hours of searching so you can get the results you want now!

• Search engines for free programs
• Tips and tricks for computers 
• Reviews on programs
• Useful information and resources
• An assessment of what’s hot and what’s not.
For instance, one site you should know about is Tucows ( ) a great search engine for freeware and

Sometimes programs run automatically at Windows start-up.  If you don’t
want to run them, try this.  When there's an entry in your StartUp folder,
simply delete the unwanted shortcut from the StartUp folder.

Usually there is not the entry in the startup folder that you would like to
remove from the startup process.  In that case, run Regedit and navigate to

If you see an entry for the program, delete the entry and the program will
no longer start automatically. You can also check
Windows\CurrentVersion\RunServices for unwanted startup entries.

If there is something that is still starting up with windows which you
don’t want, take a look at Win.ini, which is under Sysedit.  Run Sysedit
and switch to the Win.ini window. At the top, in the [windows] section,
look for the string load=. If you find any references to programs you'd
rather not run automatically, delete them and your worries are over.

Into music or like MP3's?  Napster ( ) now has
version 2.0 beta 8.24 available for download.  More reliable in file
To date, Napster is still running and lets hope they can manage to keep
this wonderful service going.

Short on memory with your Windows operating system?
Try pressing ctrl+alt+del at the same time just once.  It will bring up a
close program dialog box.  Click on all programs one at a time and click
end task.  Do this to all EXCEPT Explorer and Systray.  Your computer needs
these to run.  Now close the close program box by clicking on cancel.  Then
open the program you want to run like you normally would.  It should run a
little smoother by freeing up system resources.

Just a short sample of what is in this informative e-bulletin.  

The e-bulletin could be sent to your e-mail account 2 times a month, for a
price of .33 cents per issue for a 12 month subscription of only $8.00 U.S.
($12.00 Cdn).

To make the most of the net, send a reply to this e-mail with “interested”
in the subject field for sign-up details.

Thank you for your time.

Electronic Info Enterprises

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