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Life Insurance...

From: Announcement
Subject: Life Insurance...
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 02:23:14 -0900

what we do:

We will attempt to provide you with the best quote you can possibly get! Our team of companies and their agents will provide a no-nonsense approach to your insurance needs. If all you want to do is ask a few questions, then they will be glad to help. They can also ease your mind and provide the insurance quickly and effortlessly. Either way, you will be glad you filled out our quick, no-obligation quote form!

what you need insurance:

Life insurance should be an essential part of any financial plan. The purpose is to protect your family's income, in the case of your death. Life Insurance can also be used for financial strength while you are still alive. It's a foundation for a strong financial portfolio! In either case, the proceeds could be used to:

Meet your children's college expenses!
Ensure comfortable retirement for your spouse!
Assist in the payment of outstanding debt!
Tax Benefit and Estate Protection

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