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From: Isaiah Hall
Subject: sorbet
Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 21:59:27 +0300
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But I doubt it even then.
How do those criminals move and do their deeds and how do they spread death in the streets in such cold blood?
but god they were the loudest people ever when night time came.
my back feels like its broken in half. that's really the only road in town that has any bearable scenery in it, other than the Saddam mosque. There are murders just for the sake of murder; killings for reasons that the very act of contemplating is a crime against humanity.
The difficulty with mechanical ambushes is that you leave ordnance out for the enemy to capture.
No one method will work all the time - you have to use them in combination. If they cannot use Ramadi or Khalidiyah, Baghdad gets a lot quieter.
which is actually IDEAL ground for sniper operations - on both sides, because there are thousands of apartments on high ground overlooking one of the main thoroughfares.
Cant see any romance at this particular moment. Im quite fussy when it comes to chocolates.
He rolled his eyes probably thinkin what an idiot. The article doesn't say, but I wonder if that IED road is the northern road up by the river?
This is the sights and sounds of a Sandy Day in Baghdad.
Fortunately, our snipers are better than theirs.
If Ramadi and Khalidiyah can be denied to the enemy, they must move their base out to Hit, if support comes from Syria.
Our troops are required to provide these jackals with medical care equivalent to that provided to our own brave soldiers. WIthout him I woulda been clueless.
And they do it right. Thank God for my brother.
The furniture will all be arriving tomorrow, Im gonna be dead tired by the time he comes in. But truth should be told.
a long long time for him to be able to flash that cute smile of his and laugh.
Some of them stayed in rooms facing ours.
Men can really be selfish at times.
All the hours I spent with the workers.
And we hate ourselves.
It seems like the moojies have their A-team in Ramadi, and that's where the friction is greatest, and that's where the unit doctrine is really being written, on both sides. What Al Qaeda did is an evil in and of itself, and entirely self-contained. But I doubt it even then. Darn I felt so stupid. But Fumento's account notes that the enemy occasionally uses snipers effectively and too good effect.

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