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koala marshy

From: Alfred Bonilla
Subject: koala marshy
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 21:21:25 +0300
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For one, my carabiners were too small to go easily over the ladder rungs embedded in the smokestack. We worked on it for a while with a piece of metal and a shovel, and we finally wedged it open.
Usually, the shop still had its sign outside to tell us what it had been, but sometimes they didn't and sometimes we just weren't familiar with the name. It didn't appear that there was an actual level lower than that basement.
Sure enough, there was a fairly large underground chamber. After almost dying, I was now trapped eighty feet up with two rows of bricks underneath my crotch to keep me from going down. Everything had been gutted out, leaving bare concrete colummns and floors.
Everything had been gutted out, leaving bare concrete colummns and floors. But, from there, we were able to head out into the main thoroughfare of the mall. From there, we went over to the base of one of the smokestacks, which extended about eighty feet or so up from the roof. Louis vacation, we returned to the Armour meat packing plant to climb the smokestack, which ended up being a HUGE mistake.
All the tile had already been pulled up from the floor, and we could see shops all along the way had plastic covering their entrances.
It looked to be some kind of old industrial building from the inside, and someone seemed to be renovating it.
Judging by the looks of it, a bum had apparently been using this part as their apartment.
If I'd thought there was some way the fire department could've come out and gotten to me, I would've just sat my ass there all day until they came and rescued me.
Before we actually left the roof, though, we saw someone walking down inside the building through the skylight.
We had hoped to have some of our St.
I'd been expecting the top of the smokestack to be fairly thick, but it was actually only like two bricks wide, so I ended up having to straddle it. The biggest loss, of course, is seven time world champion Michael Schumacher.
Chris had bailed over the wall after me and had gone down the tunnel as well.
The German leapt onto the headlines after his superb debut in Bahrain, but struggled to attract the same media attention in the second half of this year.

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