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At Apice SNN people are primary

From: Garland
Subject: At Apice SNN people are primary
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 10:00:30 -1100
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Apice-SNN, manufacturer of gears ISO certified company

Need Extra Income? Lack Money?

New opportunities for you - TODAY!

Since its {%ROT:establishment|creation%} in 1957 Apice-SNN has constantly redefined and mastered its core competencies through implementation of new technologies and hard work. The company has been able to win the confidence and trust of its customers due to its stress on maintaining high quality and timely delivery of products.

At Apice SNN people are primary. It is the company's goal to work in complete synergy with all its stakeholders.

Company is having a new plant equipped with latest machinery for Gear Cutting like CNC lathes, Millings, Gear Grinding Machines, Gear Hobbing Machine, Gear Shapers, Rack Generators, Bevel Gear Generators, Broaching Machines, Cylendrical Grinders, Internal Grinders, Surface Grinders, Slotters, Radial Drills etc.

We have an in-house facility for various tests and inspection of Gears & other products.

We are looking for motivated, key people who are interested in learning how to develop a home business either part time or full time.

No matter what job do you have - whether you are an administrative assistant, legal expert, housekeeper, public servant, sales representative, or construction worker - do you find yourself thinking "there must be a better way to improve profit, ..... a way to work for myself rather than making someone else rich" ....


Success is possible for anyone with our home based business program:

Jane Penberthy
Single mum
2 children
Now gets over
AUD 9.000 per month

Andrea Phillips
Celebrated his 65th birthday
6 years in business
Gets up to
AUD 16.000 per month

Ariel Marguin
Didn't want to put 2 young children in day care
Started business only looking to get extra AUD 500 per week. 14 months into business, husband left plumbing to join her full time from home. Now 6yrs in business,
geting over
AUD 28.000 every 4w.

These are just some of the many success stories of people using our home-based business system.

Some words about YOU:

  • YOU are responsible and accurate
  • YOU have a desire to be self-employed and financially independent
  • YOU can work without a supervision
  • YOU are from 18 till 70 year old
  • YOU have basic Internet knowledge and access to a computer with Internet connection

For this job you don't need:

  • a special education
  • possessing some special skills or knowledge
  • possessing storehouse, office, special equipment

You do not have to pay any fees!

You can run this job anywhere - home, office, while travelling. As long as you have access to a computer and phone.

You will be responsible for managing cash flows from and to our clients in your local area using different payment systems and e-currencies. Your assistance is essential to enable us to grant our clients the best service in shortest dates.

You meet the requirements? This is your chance!

To apply for the job please fill in the application form for a position of a Regional Affiliate.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us (address@hidden).

Contact us, your job is waiting for you!


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