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Re: [Help-mcsim] Fwd: questions about MCSim

From: Bill Harris
Subject: Re: [Help-mcsim] Fwd: questions about MCSim
Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 19:12:32 -0700
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It's good to see another MCSim user in the Pacific Northwest!  Enjoy
your modeling!

If it's of any use, I created a quick reference card for MCSim that
includes some of its newer features.  You can find it along with a
presentation I made two and a half years ago in Portland at

As to your question, I use J ( as my scripting
language, and I've written J scripts to assemble simulation files
programmatically, run the model, and produce graphs.  That worked quite

For a simple example, see  While
that article doesn't contain the scripts, it does show the results.  For
example (as I recall), I had a script that picked percentage ranges for
the three key parameters, assembled a simulation file, ran the
simulation, and plotted and saved the table of eight graphs or the stick
plot you can see.

Bill Harris            
Facilitated Systems                              Everett, WA 98208 USA                  phone: +1 425 337-5541

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