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RE: [Help-mcsim] MCSim on Cygwin

From: Hansell, Timothy A CTR USAF AFMC 711 HPW/RHPB
Subject: RE: [Help-mcsim] MCSim on Cygwin
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 11:05:09 -0400

I'm less concerned about using DLL's versus statically linking libraries and
executables than I am about trying to come up with a stable way to build and
use MCSim on a windows (or even a Mac OS) platform. In both cases I have
found only anecdotal accounts of how people have been able to manually
install and use it rather than specific and clear instructions.

I think too, the benefit to making an open source product available is to
allow the community to enhance the source and the documentation regarding a
wide variety of platforms. Open source that compiles only on a limited
platform is not much more useful than a proprietary tool.

I'm coming at MCSim not so much as a biological modeling end user, but
rather as a computer scientist who has been asked to evaluate, recommend and
provide local support for such tools as would enhance the capabilities of
our team of modelers. I'm more than willing to help improve the portability
of MCSim if it would help make it more useful to us in the process.


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Hansell, Timothy A CTR USAF AFMC 711 HPW/RHPB
Subject: Re: [Help-mcsim] MCSim on Cygwin

I have not tried to compile MCSim under Cygwin, but have successfully
compiled and used it under MinGW, using the tools for compiling R and R
packages called Rtools.  I submitted a patch to Frederic which he has
made available at the MCSim web page. Only statically-linked executables
are produced, but I question the advantage of using dlls for the mcsim
library, as it is small, and I understand there is a small performance
hit of using a dll over a statically-linked library (but my
understanding in these matters is small, and I'm quite open to being
wrong on this).

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"Hansell, Timothy A CTR USAF AFMC 711 HPW/RHPB"
<address@hidden> writes:

> Attached is a listing from a build attempt on Cygwin on Windows XP
> There are errors in the creation of
> What am I doing wrong ?


I've used MCSim in the past on XP; most everything seemed to work except
that I had to use makemcsims instead of makemcsim.  I may have had to do
a few workarounds to get it to build, but it's been a few years, so I

I then moved to Linux (Ubuntu), and everything seemed to work much more

Now I need to use MCSim in an XP and cygwin environment again, and I
haven't had success in building it yet (to be honest, I haven't even had
time to try in about a month).  I'll be watching what you and Frédéric
come up with; if I dig up stuff that has worked for me and is different
than what you found, I'll post it (sometime next week at the earliest).

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