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[Help-nano] Still struggling with backspace issue

From: Peter Hutnick
Subject: [Help-nano] Still struggling with backspace issue
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 13:27:23 -0700

I contacted the Konsole devel guys.  Basically they disavow any 
responsibility.  I have given up on trying to straighten it out by modifying 
the keytab file.

I believe that we have established that pico does not have this behavior.

I'm in the akward position of being a very poor programmer, so I am not is a 
strong postion to try to track this down myself.

So, I hereby place a bounty of $20 US on this "bug."  Which is to say I'll 
send 20 bucks to anyone who writes a patch that resolves this for me and gets 
it in the official (unstable or stable) tree.  I'd offer more but I'm not 
working right now.


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