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[Help-nano] Aspell pain

From: Ian Clarke
Subject: [Help-nano] Aspell pain
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 21:42:58 -0700
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Apologies if this is received twice - it seems like my first email may 
not have gone through :-

I am having a terrible time trying to get nano to check my spelling.  I 
have upgraded to the latest nano version, 1.2.1, but it made no 

Here is the situation:

address@hidden:~$ /usr/bin/aspell --version
@(#) International Ispell Version 3.1.20 (but really Aspell .33.7.1 
address@hidden:~$ nano --version
 GNU nano version 1.2.1 (compiled 21:27:31, Jun  2 2003)
 Email: address@hidden    Web:
 Compiled options:
address@hidden:~$ nano -s "/usr/bin/aspell -c"

Now I type some stuff into nano - and hit Ctrl+t, but I get the 
following message on the third line from the bottom:

         [ Spell checking failed: Could not invoke "/usr/bin/aspell" ]

If I just try:

address@hidden:~$ nano

And do the same thing, I get:
               [ Spell checking failed: Error invoking "spell" ]

I am lost, I think I have tried all the obvious solutions - can anyone


Ian Clarke                                                  address@hidden
Coordinator, The Freenet Project    
Founder, Locutus                              
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