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[Help-nano] Gradual slowdown with syntax highlighting

From: Ian Clarke
Subject: [Help-nano] Gradual slowdown with syntax highlighting
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 13:11:05 -0700
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I have noticed that while editing emails using syntax highlighting (as 
supplied in the sample.nanorc file), after a few minutes of editing an 
email, I start to notice a delay before each keypress.  The longer I 
keep going, the longer this delay gets.  Eventually I need to quit and 
restart nano to get back to a normal speed.  I am convinced that the 
problem is with nano, not with my internet connection or processor 
speed.  This only started to occur after I recompiled with 
--enable-all and started to use syntax highlighting.

Here are the details of the version I am using:

address@hidden:~$ nano --version
 GNU nano version 1.2.1 (compiled 10:46:54, Jun 13 2003)
 Email: address@hidden    Web:
 Compiled options: --enable-extra --enable-color --enable-multibuffer 

Help would be appreciated,


Ian Clarke                                                  address@hidden
Coordinator, The Freenet Project    
Founder, Locutus                              
Personal Homepage                         

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