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Re: [Help-nano] colour pasting really slow

From: Neil Brown
Subject: Re: [Help-nano] colour pasting really slow
Date: Sat, 05 Jul 2003 16:16:48 +0100

instantly, but each character seems to be ticking by quite slowly. at a
guess (and feel free to correct me), i would say nano is trying to
redraw the screen colours on each new character, if this is the case;
can i workaround it by only redrawing on, say, a newline? is this a
known issue? is there a (better) solution?

This happens to me, but I had presumed it was to with the fact that I was using nano over an SSH connection or something like that. I use nano for all my editing so I dont often paste into any thing else...

also... on a side note. i found some highlighting rules for bash script
files (they look nice), but the file detection seems to only go by file
extension, whereas most of my scripts have no extension (but identify
themselves with the #!/bin/bash on the top line), is there any way i can
set up nano to notice that these files are bash files?

That would be handy if it was possible - it would only need a regular expression on the first line, sounds easy but Im not a developer for nano so Im just guessing!

and.. (in my best columbo voice) one more question, just one more
question... is there an online repository of user-contributed colo(u)r
setups for different file types?

I am not aware of one but I could probably host one if there isnt one already (no point in starting a new one off if there already is one!).


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