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Re: [Help-nano] C Syntax highlighting.

From: David L. Ramsey
Subject: Re: [Help-nano] C Syntax highlighting.
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 00:44:51 -0400

On Tue, Apr 06, 2004 at 05:35:27PM +0100, Liam J. Foy wrote:
>> >What kind of terminal are you using?
>> I am using aterm currently, does this affect it ?
>>I thought it could, if your terminal type was buggy and didn't support
>>colours correctly. David, any idea?

Unfortunately, no.  I just tried it with aterm 0.4.2, with TERM set to
"xterm", "rxvt", and "color_xterm" (just in case the value of TERM had
any effect on it), and the colors seem to display just fine in all three
cases.  Or are you using an earlier version than 0.4.2?

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