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Re: [Help-nano] navigating in text with ctrl-key

From: David Lawrence Ramsey
Subject: Re: [Help-nano] navigating in text with ctrl-key
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 18:54:38 +0200
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--- Agnar ?deg?rd <address@hidden> wrote:
>Thanks for the reply.
>Isn't it possible to make another key-combination to accomplish this?  
>Like z+left to go left and z+right to go right? Or will this mess up 
>the philosophy behind nano? ;)

Sorry for the delay in replying; I've been busy.

It's certainly possible to set alternative keystrokes for moving to the 
next and previous word, and that doesn't break the underlying philosophy 
behind nano.  (The main philosophy is to be compatible with Pico by 
default, which is why Ctrl-Space is the default to move forward one 
word.  Meta-Space is a nano-specific extension.)  The hard part is 
coming up with shortcuts that can be properly read in both text mode and 
an X terminal, and which don't break ordinary typing.

What do you mean by z+left and z+right?  If you mean typing "z" and then 
hitting left or right, that will break ordinary typing in some places.  
If you want the most workable alternative keys, I'd recommend looking 
into meta sequences.

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