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[Help-nano] Can nano do auto backup with a unique file to a specified di

From: Jim C.
Subject: [Help-nano] Can nano do auto backup with a unique file to a specified dir?
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 08:45:30 -0800
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I can set up vi to create a backup file every time it writes a
pre-existing file.  I can subsequently have it execute a series of BASH
commands immediately after it does a file write.  What I have it doing
right now is saving a backup file and then moving that file to a unique
name in my trash directory.

Objective:  I want a setup for nano that will do the same thing.  My
reasoning is that I always want to know where to look for that last
known good copy of the important config file I was writing.  Note that
the size of my trash directory and the aging of files in it are managed
via a cron script, so no worries about loading it with to much junk.

Can nano do the same thing?  I want to put this info in a "how to
protect yourself from yourself" HOWTO.

Jim C.
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