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[Help-nano] fond sap

From: Norman Hodge
Subject: [Help-nano] fond sap
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 13:19:24 +0200
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Our lips met and the world fell away for a brief second while we shared three distinct and moving kisses. Spacey, really spacey lately too.
Also there really isn't a comprehensive review system so that you often have tough time picking a good lawyer.
This is the same legal system that now requires coffee cups to have a warning of "Contains are hot" because some moron sued for burning their mouth.
But like the exploratory story I did last year, this one took off on me and so there I am.
In the remaining firelight and gathering darkness of the storm, he only briefly catches Fayes face in the light and is mesmerized by her beauty. To my soul-mate, I do love you.
When I suggested that he be confident in himself and polite, he looked extremely confused. Every career that the children growing up in the family wanted to pursue was talked out of them.
Once I did come back on, I wanted soooo terribly bad to post here again and keep this up. what are you looking at. Look, its raining here and I want to get out of it.
I am miserable, so miserable. You know how a kiss can communicate so much through a simple action?
So you're just over there?
He catches on after a few seconds and starts to moan quietly into her and feels himself grow stronger beneath and between her.
I still don't have the final answer yet.
Things that happened years ago that are embarrasing to me are brought up time and again.
Also shouldn't we revoke license from some incompetent lawyers?
MEN: What are good manners? I bought Wife a new bed and she is extremely happy with it, falling asleep almost as soon as she hits the sheets. Look, its raining here and I want to get out of it.
Afterwards, breathless, and me covered in sweat, I couldn't contain my giggles. her and I talked about how amazing it is we found one another through some twist of destiny and how we couldn't stand to be apart from one another.
There is the friend's kiss, a common kiss, even a family kiss.
Someday I will be able to talk about it.
I drove her back to her car and we kissed goodbye. the first blowjob I ever received from Wife really brought everything into perspective.
I tried calling them, but my cell died.
I am exploring a new style of narrative for me and having fun doing this. So Monday we kissed, and really enjoyed our time together.

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