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Re: [Help-nano] iterm

From: David Lawrence Ramsey
Subject: Re: [Help-nano] iterm
Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2007 23:51:23 -0500
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Mark Roberts / X-Plane wrote:
> David,
> Thank you so much it is not too many developers that will give people
> the time of day much less what you have done.  I truly appreciate it.

No problem.

> echo $LANG gave me this:
> en_US.UTF-8

Okay then; it's using UTF-8, so that's what iterm should be using as its

> In iterm I created a bookmark for getting on my server and in the
> terminal drop down it displays default with no other options
> available.  Is this correct?  I'm assuming this is where I should be
> setting the encoding correct?

I don't know.  I've never run iterm (and I can't now, since I have no
access to a Mac OS X machine right now).  Maybe someone from the iterm
project or another iterm user can tell you how to set the default
encoding, though.

> As for the western ascii I got that from the encoding tab in iterm.

Okay.  It doesn't really matter now, as the terminal you're ssh'ing to
doesn't use it.

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