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[Help-nano] How to open nano with starting boilerplate?

From: Chris Johansen
Subject: [Help-nano] How to open nano with starting boilerplate?
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 20:32:31 -0000
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How does one open nano with starting boilerplate, but giving the new, finished 
filename at the CLI?

I'd like to use nano as a bash shell script editor, having it open a "new" 
file, name of my choosing, but always with the first line of text "#!/bin/sh" 
in place.  I have a file sh.skel:


So, far, these things don't work in a script named shed:

      nano $1 < ./sh.skel

nor after adding a second line "EoF" to sh.skel

      nano $1 < ./sh.skel <<EoF

nor trying

      nano $1 <<<"#!/bin/sh"

I could, of course, "nano sh.skel" then immediately ^O "", but 
I would rather simplify to "shed" with the same result

Is it possible?

Could you please also cc me if you reply to the list?  I cannot subscribe.  

Chris Johansen {johansen at main dot nc dot us}
using M2, Opera's revolutionary e-mail client:

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