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Re: [Help-nano] nano differences from 2.0.6 to 2.2.6

From: The Kabal
Subject: Re: [Help-nano] nano differences from 2.0.6 to 2.2.6
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2013 19:50:03 -0700

Thanks a lot for taking a look!

By the way, I've known your name for many years, from using nano. It was very cool seeing your name in my inbox! I used pico way back in the day, and when the licensing flare up made it (virtually) disappear, I discovered nano. I've been a faithful user ever since.

Recently, I started an incredibly cool new job, managing some 300+ servers. The first thing I did was get them all controllable and inventoried, and the first salt command I issued was to install and update nano.

Several other folks thanked me profusely, because they hated having to use vi instead because nano wasn't installed. You are making *nix suck a little bit less for a whole lot of people. :)


On Sat, Nov 16, 2013 at 7:00 PM, Chris Allegretta <address@hidden> wrote:
Hey Patrick, that sounds like a bug.  I'll take a look on my mac
tonight or tomorrow.  Thanks for the report!

On 11/15/13, The Kabal <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hello!
> In nano 2.0.6 (as shipped with OS X), Control-Space seems to default to
> "move cursor to next word". However, when I install the homebrew version of
> 2.2.6, it appears to not be setup to do so.
> No worries, I thought, and pulled up the documentation, and found that the
> nanorc setting for that would seem to be "nextword". So I try a nanorc with
> a setting:
> bind ^Space nextword all
> But launching homebrew's nano 2.2.6 gives me 'Could not map name "nextword"
> to a function'.
> How do I get the same behavior in 2.2.6, that I had in 2.0.6, where
> Control-space will move the cursor to the next word?
> Thanks for an awesome editor!
> Patrick

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