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[Help-nano] nanorc in Debian 7.3

From: flyn jack
Subject: [Help-nano] nanorc in Debian 7.3
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2014 20:32:16 -0800

OS Debian 7.3

I am confused. I know logic has its course, yet i need a definitive answer. The way that all instructions have a open end option to escape the legal weasel that is warm and fuzzy and could bite ones hand off, is frustrating at times.

Thank you.

man 1 nano or man 5 nanorc SYSCONFDIR/nanorc 

is described  

at a GNU page ' address below ' as “ files for configuring a host “ and “ This directory should normally be /usr/local/etc, but write it as $(prefix)/etc “.

So is it actually /etc  and not really  /usr/local/etc , while  /usr/local/ is empty in Debian 7.3

--------------------------- FILE


nano will read initialization files in the following order: SYSCONFDIR/nanorc, then ~/.nanorc. Please see nanorc(5) and the example file nanorc.sample, both of which should be provided with nano.



The directory for installing read-only data files that pertain to a single machine–that is to say, files for configuring a host. Mailer and network configuration files, /etc/passwd, and so forth belong here. All the files in this directory should be ordinary ASCII text files. This directory should normally be /usr/local/etc, but write it as $(prefix)/etc. (If you are using Autoconf, write it as ‘@sysconfdir@’.)

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