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[Help-nano] Can I Cut Before Cursor?

From: Hart Larry
Subject: [Help-nano] Can I Cut Before Cursor?
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2015 08:45:52 -0800

Well, following up on an earlier message before I subscribed to this list. Essentially what I want to do is edit the contents of a pine addressbook and cut out everything before the word "whitelist" Sure it would be nice if there were an easy way in Nano to do this, but manually looking over 730 lines would be time consuming. Now in answering a question about special symbols, NANO will not let me search for or replace a charactor called "null" at least thats what my screen-reader says it is. So even pasting a null in, NANO ignores it. Another type of thing I cannot do in NANO, are searching/replace to nuke blank lines. You must work on a file like this:
sed '/^[ \t*]*$/d' in_file.txt > out_file.txt
Word-Perfect, at least when I was in DOS would let me work on soft-and-hard returns, but I am going to need `alot of asistance getting a Linux version working. And lastly, maybe would be nice having a current number of lines in a file, always near an end of screen, as they are when you first enter. Also, the nain NANO home page would be more helpful with links to the mailing lists, also in the toolbar you have many links on a single line, not so easy listing with speech. Thanks so much in advance for suggestions.

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