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Re: [Help-nano] Can I Cut Before Cursor?

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: [Help-nano] Can I Cut Before Cursor?
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2015 10:56:25 +0100

On Sat, Jan 24, 2015, at 17:45, Hart Larry wrote:
> Essentially what I want to do is edit the contents of a pine addressbook and 
> cut 
> out everything before the word "whitelist" Sure it would be nice if there 
> were 
> an easy way in Nano to do this, but manually looking over 730 lines would be 
> time consuming.

But... why do you have to look "manually" over more than seven hundred lines
to find a certain word?  What I would do is: Alt+\, to make sure I'm at the top
of the file; ^W whitelist <Enter>; set the mark with Alt+A, go back to the top
of the file with Alt+\, and kill the entire marked block with ^K.  Done.

> Now in answering a question about special symbols, NANO will not let me 
> search 
> for or replace a charactor called "null" at least thats what my screen-reader 
> says it is. So even pasting a null in, NANO ignores it.

Hmm...  But what is a NULL?  How do you "paste" it in?  With Alt+V 000000?
For me such a NULL gets displayed as ^@, and I can search for it and replace
it too.  So... you probably mean something different.  What does this NULL look
like in another editor, say vim?  Or when you dump the file with xxd?

> Another type of thing I cannot do in NANO, are searching/replace to nuke 
> blank 
> lines.

Yes, that is a wishlist item: it's in the TODO file:
"- Allow searching for and replacing newlines."

> And lastly, maybe would be nice having a current number of lines in a file, 
> always near an end of screen, as they are when you first enter.

But that you can have when you hit Alt+C (or put "set const" in your nanorc;
see man nanorc).  Now, I agree that that line contains an overload of info.
If you tell me which information would be enough for you, I can post a patch
to reduce the content of that line.  Personally I think the total number of 
the current line, the position in a percentage, the number of columns of the
current line and the current column, plus the total number of characters would
be enough.  But maybe you would want to see even less.

> Also, the nain 
> NANO home page would be more helpful with links to the mailing lists, also in 
> the toolbar you have many links on a single line, not so easy listing with 
> speech.

The nano home page is a kind of "joke": it mimics the the screen layout
of the nano editor itself.  I don't know if it is possible to provide a 
version.  Does your browser indicate in some way that it wants a speech-
-friendly version?


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