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[Help-nano] Segfaults in libc-2.19 w/ 2.9.2

From: Andreas Schamanek
Subject: [Help-nano] Segfaults in libc-2.19 w/ 2.9.2
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2018 22:36:51 +0100 (CET)
User-agent: Alpine 2.21.9 (DEB 218 2017-09-23)

Hi fellow Nano users,

I love Nano and I am very much excited about several recently added features. My main servers run on Debian 8, so at least since Nano 2.7 I am compiling it from source.

Only with 2.9.2, I seem to face segfaults more frequently, yet not very often. Also not often enough to see a pattern. The 2 most recent segfaults

  Jan 15 22:19:49 wiener kernel: [164886.887031] nano[20676]: segfault
  at ea3fff ip 00007fbe7a4f6ff1 sp 00007fff0ec73948 error 4 in[7fbe7a3be000+1a1000]

  Jan 11 22:58:43 wiener kernel: [9580504.552309] nano[22940]:
  segfault at 15d1fff ip 00007f599578bfdd sp 00007ffe98d64e58 error 4

occurred while typing (no special operations) in 7K large file using syntax highlighting for Markdown, though the line I was typing just now had no highlighting.

What can I do to track this down?

BTW, there is no auto save feature, is there?

-- Andreas


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