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[Help-nano] information line not displaying correctly

From: Kilburn Abrahams
Subject: [Help-nano] information line not displaying correctly
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2018 18:28:13 +1100


I have 1 server that when I open multiple files with nano 3.2 (or any other version), the top header does not put the name of the file in the center. See below what I mean. I have tried copying a nanorc from other systems that display fine, just to no avail. With the result, when I switched between files the top display overwrites the previous words. This is happening on Gentoo headless server with kernel 4.14.83. Done a complete emerge address@hidden, and this still did not solve the problem, so I am lost as to were to look further. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Incorrect display
GNU nano 3.2 bashrc                                                          modified

Correct display
GNU nano 3.2                                    bashrc                       modified


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