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Re: [Help-nano] getting nicely justified comments in an easy way

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: [Help-nano] getting nicely justified comments in an easy way
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2019 10:28:38 +0100
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Hello Seb,

Op 29-03-19 om 22:50 schreef Seb:
> Nice feature. Hopefully the upcoming new Debian stable will include a version 
> of nano compatible with it.

Sorry, no.  Debian was frozen before nano-4.0 was released, so the new Debian
stable will ship with 3.2.

> (I am French indeed but I use a qwerty keyboard, which I find more convenient 
> for typing code. Combinations with the Alt keys redefine the keyboard to 
> produce latin1 symbols. In nano, I use Esc, eg Esc-L for long lines. Esc-$ is 
> OK.)

You probably don't use the M-S toggle (to toggle smooth scrolling) so you
could do 'bind M-S softwrap main' and use Esc-S to toggle softwrapping,
which should be a bit easier to type.

(I am thinking about adding that binding to the default setup, because I
have machine where the Shift+Alt combos do nothing.)

> * Oh, I almost forgot, pico had a nice feature within Pine (before Alpine):
> if I put a "*" at the beginning of a line, then a space and then some text,
> the following line would automagically start with two spaces, as in this 
> paragraph. And it was compatible with ^J, too.

Hmmm...  A nice special case for a bulleted list.  But not for nano.

> Any chance of reproducing this clean appearance, or is it in the same
> category as introducing a '#' after a \n?

It would be much harder to make than an automatic "#".  See attached patch
for a quick and dirty implementation of the latter.  But... you can file
a feature request on Savannah if you want it and think the feature would
be useful to others too.


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