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Re: [Help-nano] getting nicely justified comments in an easy way

From: Seb
Subject: Re: [Help-nano] getting nicely justified comments in an easy way
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2019 23:23:51 +0100 (CET)
User-agent: Alpine 2.20 (DEB 67 2015-01-07)

Hi Benno,

Sorry, no. Debian was frozen before nano-4.0 was released, so the new Debian stable will ship with 3.2.

Thanks for the heads up. I downloaded nano-4.0's source code, compiled and installed it.

You probably don't use the M-S toggle (to toggle smooth scrolling)

You're right.

could do 'bind M-S softwrap main' and use Esc-S to toggle softwrapping, which should be a bit easier to type.

Done, works fine. It is indeed easier for me.

Any chance of reproducing this clean appearance, or is it in the same category as introducing a '#' after a \n?
It would be much harder to make than an automatic "#". See attached patch for a quick and dirty implementation of the latter.

Thanks for the patch. I did
        cd src && patch chars.c 00*.patch
then recompiled and reinstalled nano, but it doesn't work.

But... you can file a feature request on Savannah if you want it and think the feature would be useful to others too.

Simple as it may seem, it makes emails look great. When I used Pine, several people asked me how I did this. I was really disappointed when Alpine came along and didn't support this feature.

I see on Savannah that ^W^Y and ^W^V are no longer supported. ^Home and ^End are more logical, but they take the hands away from the center of the keyboard. Esc-/ and Esc-\ do work, but so far I used the Esc key for switches: long lines, autoindent, softwrapping now. It doesn't feel right to use it to navigate the file. ^+Shift+Y/V would have made more sense. I wonder if the upsides to the code of eliminating ^W^Y really outweighs breaking compatibility with the entrenched habits of millions of users. There is no --oldskool option. And it's marked on Savannah as "Won't fix". I have been using ^W^Y for 24 years. Switching to nano-4.0 would be a pain for weeks, for no obvious upside.

^U no longer undoes ^J, I have to use M-U. Again ^+Shift+J seems more sensible.

Surely there will be other surprises.

If I did that to my users, a tenth of them would walk away feeling disrespected.

Clean code and aesthetics are fine, but focusing on users--of which there is an "installed base"--is fine also. I'm keeping nano-2.7.4 (and its sources) for now.

Kind regards,

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