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Re: Help Line Text

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: Help Line Text
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2020 14:02:55 +0100
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Op 22-02-2020 om 06:15 schreef Zach DeCook:
> ``` ^Q Quit, ^S Save, ^O Open, ^G Help, ^E Command Bar, ^K Cut Line ^F Find,
> ^Z Undo, ^Y Redo, ^A Select All, ^D Duplicate Line, ^T New Tab ```
> With the exception of 'new tab', 'command bar', 'select all', and 'duplicate
> line', this set would be good to move up in nano. (Note that ^S here is save,
> and not 'writeout' -- which is more commonly called 'save as'). I also
> recommend showing copy and paste.

When the terminal is 100 or more columns wide, Undo and Redo will be visible.
When 120 or more columns, also Copy will be visible.  ^S cannot be show as on
some terminals it might pause all output to the terminal (until ^Q is typed).

> (Regarding nano's current top commands, I've never once intentionally used the
> shortcut for replace, or justify. I use nano as my primary text editor for
> writing code.)

Don't you ever use Replace at all?  Or do you invoke it in a different way?
(I myself use M-R.)


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